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Indoor cycling: A comprehensive guide

Indoor cycling — the choice between pleasure and necessity is a confusing minefield. Our detailed guide helps you start your indoor cycling business, but it may seem counterintuitive in its own right. In some ways, riding a bike represents freedom of movement and being outdoors in the outdoors with friends, and the idea of indoor riding resembles an adage of isolation, sweat and suffering. With all the different turbo trainers and bike apps that offer virtual bike training, indoor cycling has become even more entertaining than just sitting back against a blank wall.

Which is the best indoor cycling training app?

Indoor cycling is boring. Thankfully there’s dozens of training apps available to help make it fun. Indoor cycling apps transform people’s perspective of training indoors. Instead of riding on a bicycle in the rain, the bike app lets riders challenge themselves or interact with other people in their home. While the App keeps riders inside the vehicle, which appears to attack bicycle design, their uses have become increasingly sophisticated and enjoyable for the user. Riders will be immersed in riding and exploring terrains they have never before encountered.

Benefits of Indoor Cycling

Training outdoors offers countless advantages as opposed to cycling outdoors. It is easy to access and is not affected by climatic conditions. Indoor fitness is an excellent tool because the results are pure and effective. Training indoors allows us to hit our goals quickly without wasting time waiting for cars. For many newbie cyclists, an important difference is pedaling. Most outdoor rides offer small periods from pedaling, but the pedal switches on the trainer constantly. It’s quite difficult for a beginner. No Problem! Soon pedaling power will become the force that translates to performance on the other side.

Smart turbo trainers

Smart turbotrainers include integrated electronics, Bluetooth and ANT+ – enabling you to connect to the internet using smartphones, tablets and computers. Your intelligent turbo-trainer monitors your output power to send this info to a mobile app. The application can send commands that increase or decrease the resistance of a trainer, which can also replicate climbs, descends or structured interval training sessions. It also offers ‘erg mode’, allowing the trainer to change resistance constantly so that a rider can reach the same power output whatever the cadence is. Power is power = speed.

Indoor Cycling Workouts for Beginners

TrainerRoad offers more than 300 indoor bicycle training workouts from rehabilitation to racing simulations. The majority of workouts contain training guides for improving the pedaling performance of the pedals. All indoor cycling workout is targeted at a particular fitness adaptation as well as organized in general power zones. If you are not prepared to start a workout but have already experienced structured exercises then you should use TrainNow. TrainNow allows you to train when you like, using intelligent training tips for three different types — endurance, climbing and attacking.

Smart bikes and exercise bikes

On the premium side there’s a Smartbike, which’s often compared with a treadmill. The best bike is a great tool when it comes to exercise, the smart bike helps you in finding the best bike for your needs. Basically, if you opt for an exercise bike or smart bike, you’ll receive a complete system without a separately installed bike. They are usually quieter and easily adjustable and offer additional features such as connected brakes, although their size can be big and heavier and they are not suitable for apartments where there is more room available. All the best getting to their feet!

Indoor cycling shoes

While a pair of outdoor shoes may work fine, you may need an outdoor shoe for your bike to maintain optimum performance in race-ready conditions. Generally they’re made for better air circulation and thus help to reduce the heat in cyclocross indoors. According to your preference the footwear you choose should be less-stiff for a longer trip or hyper-stiff for longer rides. This guide to deciding which bike shoes will fit your needs is helpful. Many manufacturers have specialized indoor footwear designed for hot climates that have breathable qualities to ensure comfort.

Indoor cycling clothing

Are cycling clothes really necessary to wear outdoors for cycling? Although you don’t likely, wearing these jeans would be a much more pleasant alternative. When cycling indoors most people tend to ride less and therefore saddle pain will increase, this leads primarily to a high demand for bib-limbs cushioning: the bib. Several brand products now manufacture cycling indoors that are tailored to reduce air circulation, eliminating unnecessary detail and bulk.

Accessories for Indoor Cycling Training

Aside from a trainer, you will have to pay to buy an accessory that enhances indoor training. Adaptive Training: Get your fitness routine right and adapt to your lifestyle.

Can you lose weight by cycling indoors?

Indoor cycling helps you lose weight while being healthier. Cycling is an endurance nonweight bearing sport, and is attractive when choosing sports for weight reduction.

How long should I indoor cycle a day?

It’s a good workout that takes 15-30 minutes to complete unless it’s five days a week though at least 20 minutes is recommended.

Is indoor cycling good workout?

Indoor cycling is one of the most enjoyable ways to gain cardio every day. It’s a moderate-impact exercise that does not involve a park ride. Often classes are extremely intense, so contact your instructor if you’re out of shape, pregnant or having medical issues. They are able to customize programs according to your requirements.


  • Rob Cornet has been cycling since he was a young child and never stopped. He has raced professionally and now spends his time writing about cycling on his blog. He has ridden in some of the biggest races in the world and has seen first-hand the doping that takes place in the sport. He is an advocate for clean cycling and hopes to see the sport change for the better.